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“The leaf is one with the other leaves,
with the branches, the trunk and the roots of the tree,
with the clouds, the stream, the earth,
the sky and the light of the sun.
If one of these elements were absent,
the leaf could not exist.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

What my clients say

  • Martha is incredible. Four of my friends are seeking her now for various reasons. She is such a kind yet pragmatic person. She helped me with both overall health and infertility. With positive results thanks to her and the NHS. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

    Tansy, graphic designer
  • I had a wonderful experience with Martha at the London Acupuncture Clinic. Having been recently diagnosed with PCOS I was given my first round of Clomid only to find out 3 days before I was due to ovulate that my lining was too thin to support an embryo even if it did get fertilised. I had read online that acupuncture could help and even though I only had 3 days I decided to start immediately and hoped it would help for the next cycle at least. I had 2 treatments over the next 5 days with Martha, and got pregnant on that very first cycle! Martha is extremely knowledgeable about all fertility related medical treatment so I felt at ease immediately. I continued having acupuncture every 2 weeks for the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy and had none of the usual bad first trimester pregnancy symptoms. I can not recommend Martha highly enough!

    Isabella, financial analyst
  • I really enjoyed and benefited from my treatment at the clinic. All the staff are really friendly and welcoming, and treatment is tailored to your specific needs. I saw Martha regularly who was absolutely fantastic, and it felt like seeing a friend each time. She was so gentle with the needles and gave advice and support beyond acupuncture. I can’t recommend her and the clinic highly enough.

    Jennifer, marketing director